Welcome to the Touring Freedom Podcast! 

I'm Jason and I'm here to help you on your journey TO your journey. My goal is to help you build a completely mobile income, so you can enjoy a location independent lifestyle.

There are several ways to listen to the podcast.

The best way

The show is actually hosted with Soundwise, so that is the best way to listen.

It enables many more functions than the other options, such as document downloads.

The popular way

For all you Apple fanboys, the show is available on Apple Podcasts!

It doesn't offer all the functionality as Soundwise, but there's something to be said for convenience!

"Those Other Guys"

Stitcher has let it be known that they intend to be the biggest source of podcasts out there.

Well, I guess if that's their intention, I better put the show on their service!

The "know-it-all"

They know everything about us anyway, might as well give them access to the podcast feed as well!

They do more than music?

Yes, Spotify is doing much more than just music nowadays...

Who are those guys?

Yeah, I've never heard of them either. But if you use them, here's your link!

Still oldschool and just need the RSS?

(I like your style)

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