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What exactly is it you teach?

I teach income strategies and techniques to grow your business online.

While I can't tell you step-by-step exactly what you need to do, my goal is to help you formulate your own idea, then I can give you the methods to build and grow it into a full time income.

Who is this for?

Touring Freedom is for anyone who is looking to build an online business so they can hit the road full time.

My techniques are relevant and can help a wide range of business types, including:

-Affiliate marketers

-Digital products

-Online coaches

-Online influencers




Who is this NOT for?

There are definitely plenty of people who will not fit in here. This is a list, but it's probably not all-inclusive:

-Those who are looking for immediate income. A business takes time to build.

-Those who are looking for "jobs" on the road. I'm not teaching you how to work for someone else.

-Those who aren't willing to put in the work. There is no such thing as easy money. Building a business is hard, even if it's online.

That being said, everyone is welcome. You may just find yourself motivated to build something. 😁