Elite Sourcing
$85 / month
Online Sourcing Done for You!
Includes Road to Freedom Membership
Over 200 Finds Per Month Guaranteed!
Strictly limited to 20 People
Most days will have 15+ Items, Providing Much More than the 200/mo Minimum!
Minimum 50% ROI Before Cash Back or Gift Cards
Estimated sales per month and number of variations given for each item
Average sales rank for the past 90 days given when available
Minimum $4 net profit Before Cash Back or Gift Cards
Reasonable ranks. Most are around 2%, but in overpopulated categories like kitchen and electronics, it's under 1%. In well performing categories like grocery, it's bumped up to ~3%.
Commonly restricted categories like Grocery, Beauty, and Health & Personal Care are kept to a minimum, but not avoided.
Access to ALL Previous Lists for the ENTIRE History of the Program!
Road to Freedom
$37 / month
Best Choice for Most
Everything in the Inro to Amazon Membership
About 1.5 Hours of Video on Understanding Sales Rank and Keepa Charts
Full Wholesale Course Including a List of Suppliers to Get You Started
Detailed Video Course on Avoiding Competition by Bundling
Video Book Sourcing Course Including Analyzing Examples
Courses for General Business Training
Low-Risk Low-Investment Affiliate Marketing Training
Low-Risk Low-Investment Information Product Biz Training
Low-Risk Low-Investment Membership Site Biz Training
Members-Only Community Forum and Facebook Group
EXCLUSIVE Discounts on Products and Services You need in Your Business and RV Life!
Intro to Amazon
Learn the Basics
Access to the Live Intro Webinar Replay Including Q&A
Over an Hour and Twenty Minutes of Video Instruction
Learn What Data Points to Use to Make Inventory Purchasing Decisions
Learn About Three Different Business Models Possible on Amazon
Learn How to Buy Everyday Products Cheap and Sell on Amazon for a Profit!
One-Time Payment. No Subscription!