Recommended Services

Here’s a list of recommended software and services that you may find helpful in your business.

List, Label, Ship

List, Label, Ship is a service that allows you to label your products as you add them to your shipping plan. This helps streamline your process, doing away with the need to handle your inventory more than twice. This service prints a label straight from your shipping plan to your Dymo or Zebra┬áprinter. It’s very affordable at $5 per month, well worth it for the streamlining of your process that it allows.

You can find it at

Inventory Lab

Inventory Lab is a large suite of services that makes running your business easier.

Scouting- Inventory Lab provides scouting software on their website to use at your computer as well as a scouting mobile app for your phone. The app provides many features that the Amazon Seller app does not provide.

Batch listing- This is a service that streamlines your listing process to the extent you will only have to touch your items more than once. It will print a label for you and tell you which warehouse it is being shipped to so that you can label and place it in the proper box at the same time.

Inventory tracking- monitors your inventory and keeps track of costs and sources

Accounting- monitors your sales, costs of goods, and fees

Reports- provides reports that you can use to give your accountant, making their job easier and saving you money.

You can find Inventory Lab at


This is a new service that is making huge waves in the market. They specialize in allowing to list your inventory on Amazon as quickly as possible, saving you loads of time and helping you get that inventory out of your RV. They also support product label shipping via Dymo printer and can provide you financial reports to make your CPA’s job easier. It does all this at LESS THAN HALF the price of Inventory Lab.

You can find out more about Accelerlist at


OAXRAY is an extension for the Chrome browser that digs through data from other eCommerce sites searching for products that you can buy and flip for a profit on Amazon. This is a very powerful tool that helps you find the number one thing you need for your business. Inventory.

You can get a 10 day extended free trial at

Textbook Arbitrage

This is a piece of software that scours Amazon looking for books (usually textbooks), that qualify for Amazon’s buy back program and displays results that have offers at a lower price that what Amazon offers for the buy back program. Then you can simply buy the book and turn it back into Amazon for a profit on a gift card. You can use that card to buy other inventory for flips. This is a great way to maximize your profits. This piece of software is limited to 1,000 users to prevent flooding of the market. Grab it before it’s gone.

You can find it at

Product Research

Having trouble finding your next product to sell on Amazon? Jungle Scout will help you dig through the data to find a product that is great demand.

You can find them at

Spreadsheet Tracking

If you’re wanting a powerful accounting software, but don’t want to pay a monthly fee, check out Caleb Roth’s Tracking Spreadsheet.


If you’re going to raise a family on the road, homeschooling is a must. While I handle most of the reading, writing, and arithmetic myself without much of an official curriculum, when it comes to teaching my children civics, government, and economics, there is no better source of information that the Ron Paul curriculum. What other program includes teaching personal finance?

You can find the Ron Paul Curriculum at


There are many camping memberships you can belong to that provide discounts on nightly rates. Some are inexpensive, but only provide small 10% or so discount. There are some memberships that provide steep discounts, but are prohibitively expensive to join.

I’ve found that Passport America works best for those RVing families who are not in a position to spend thousands of dollars to join Thousand Trails. The price is only slightly more than the cheaper Good Sams membership, but their normal discount is 50%, and is good at thousands of parks across the country.

You can find out more about Passport America at

Educating for Success

Educating for Success is a great group providing ongoing personal development for entrepreneurs. They have a monthly webinar covering different techniques and training texts every month. They are a very homeschool-centric group that encourages involvement by the entire family, instilling a sense of entrepreneurship in children. They also have their own private Facebook group.

To see why this is a must for any entrepreneur, but especially those of us with families on the road, you can visit


Some of the above links are affiliate links. This list is a list of products and services that I use in my own business. If you have any questions about these services, please contact me directly.