Member Newsletter 2-20-2017


Next Live Webinar

The next webinar has been scheduled for Tuesday the 28th for 8 pm Eastern. According to the responses in the webinar thread, this seemed to be the best time for the most people. If this time doesn’t work for you, make sure you voice your concern in the membership area for the next go-around!
This webinar will be a general Q&A and discussion lasting up to two hours. If you’d like me to be fully prepared to answer your question during the webinar, make sure you go post it here!
You can sign up to attend the webinar by clicking here. That will take you to a page that you will not have access to unless you are a current member of the website.

Bundling Course Updated

Many of you have been waiting with great anticipation for my example product to sell out so that I could post the instructional video I made using it as an example. Well, it has, and the video has posted!
 In this video, I show you how to list your bundle. Sounds simple, right? On the face of it, it is. However, I reveal to you a few secrets that I use to make my listings as good as I can.
I tell you how to make a professional-looking image for your listing so that you will stand out among your peers. But the best part is, I also teach you how to “spy” on your competitors’ listings and show you how you can rank using the EXACT keywords that customers are using to buy THEIR products! So when THEIR customers search Amazon for THEIR keywords, YOUR product will show up on the search page!
This is valuable information and you can find the video by clicking here.

Book Listing Examples

I have started to make videos where I analyze products (specifically books), and discuss strategy and the tools to use to make pricing decisions.
If you want me to make a video for you, send me around 5 ISBNs or ASINs to [email protected] and I will make an analyzing video for you ASAP! Of course, this could be a limited-time offer depending on how much response I get…
You can see the first video explaining some book pricing strategy by clicking this link.

Book Club

 We have added a new section to the RtF membership area! There will be a new book every month for us to discuss and use to grow as entrepreneurs. This has proven very valuable to several members already. This month’s book is The One Thing by Gary W. Keller.
If you want to be in on the discussion about choosing the book for March you can do so by clicking this link.