Recommended Supplies and Hardware

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Product labels:

When you first start off, you’ll probably be downloading a product label PDF from Amazon and printing them on these sheets of labels.

You’ll also be downloading the PDF for shipping labels from Amazon. This is what you’ll need to print those out on. You can buy from this link to get them quickly, or order them for free through UPS.

Later on, you’ll want to purchase one of these Dymo thermal printers so that you can label the product as you list it. This particular model linked to below will print both product labels and shipping lables. It’s a great compact size so as to fit nicely in an RV. The best way to use these is through a service called ListLabelShip.

If you want to continue using your regular laserjet printer for shipping labels, and just need a Dymo for product labels, this cheaper version will suit you just fine.

These are the labels I use for product labeling. The above printer comes prepackaged with shipping labels.

Product Prep

Any product that is not completely covered by it’s own packaging must be covered. The bag used must be at least 1.5 mil thick. If the opening in the bag is 5 inches or larger, it must have a suffocation warning on it. It can be either printed on the bag, or on a label that you affix to the bag. This is a good choice. These are the correct thickness, have the warning printed, and are self-sealing.

Peeling price stickers and labels off of products is a pain. This makes it easier.


A 3 inch tape gun is a must in my opinion. There’s nothing better than being able to tape a box in one pass!

Many times when packing boxes, you’ll end up with a lot of empty space at the top. If you don’t want to pay to ship empty space, this tool will resize your box according to your needs. This little tool will pay for itself in no time with saved shipping fees.

You will need to weigh your boxes for shipping. Here is the scale I use.

UPC Scanners

Once you’ve sent in a few orders and you get tired of keying in UPC codes into Seller Central, you’ll want to pick up one of thse.

One day, you’ll get tired of trying to focus your phone’s camera on the bar code, or fighting bad lighting to get it to scan, or any of the other numerous drawbacks that makes camera scanning slow and tedious. When you get to that point, you’ll want to snag one of these.

And if you have that, you might as well get this:

Sales Tax

There is a comprehensive book on sales tax specifically as it applies to Amazon sellers.

When you are ready to set up your sales tax, TaxJar makes it easy.