You can build a LOCATION INDEPENDENT lifestyle with an ONLINE BUSINESS providing MOBILE INCOME!

This is the rig I run my business from!


No Inventory to Store!

Amazon holds your inventory in THEIR warehouse, not in your RV!


Operate from Anywhere!

You decide when you need to be connected to the internet. Otherwise, your business operates on AUTOPILOT!


Start with ZERO Investment!

There are several ways to get free start up inventory. No need for startup cash!


NO Dealing with Customers!

Customer service AND order fulfilment are BOTH taken care of by Amazon!

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The Courses

Learn the ins and outs of Amazon selling through these in depth instructional video series!

Introduction to Amazon FBA

A total of over two hours of detailed video content for the eCommerce newcomer.

Book Selling Course

One of my main sources of income is used books. In this video series, we will dive deep into the topic. Where to get them and how to sell them.

Bundling Course

This course concentrates on ridding yourself of comeptition by building your own listings and your own brand.

General Business Training

From time management to accounting, these are topics every business owner needs.

Intermediate Courses

A detailed series of videos showing you how to read the data that Amazon provides to make good inventory decisions.

Wholesale Course

In this course, we will explore growing your business by going to the source for quality inventory!

Weekly Live Webinar Courses

Each week we will be diving deep into a topic, followed by a live Q&A.

Online Community Forums

You don’t have to go on this venture on your own! We have a helpful community to be there with you on your journey!

Experience the location independence of full-time travel!

Provide your family with experiences they will never forget. Create memories that will last a lifetime. Time spent with family is never wasted. Cherish it.

Create an income to finance your travels.

The earning potential in this business is literally limitless. Sure, if you insist on doing all the work yourself, there’s a limit to how much work you can do, but the Touring Freedom system will teach you how, what, and when to outsource in your business so that you can grow when the time is right.

Experience ultimate freedom!

Financial freedom.

Freedom to travel.

The freedom to set your own schedule.

Nothing will afford you the type of freedom that this lifestyle will.

Start up with Amazon to get some cash flow going, then if you end up not liking it, start on the online income streams.

Or grow your Amazon business to a multi-million dollar business as many people have.

It’s up to you.

What People Are Saying About Road to Freedom:

Just want to say that being a member of this community is helping me find my way to success. Jason is giving me the knowledge that I need with the instructional videos… When I feel like I’m fumbling my way around, Jason has been there, available to answer all my questions.

Susan Roscoe

Jason has helped me make the critical first steps in my e-commerce business. It is an invaluable asset to have an eCommerce veteran on hand to ask the questions to guide my business to the next level.

Jimmy Johnson

Jason works really hard to provide excellent information. He doesn’t provide fluff, just what works. Whole heartedly recommended for the voluminous free information, but also the real value, the paid material.

Rob Woodman

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Frequently asked questions from our customers
How easy is it to cancel?

I’m not one of those guys who traps you into a recurring pament. If you decide the membership is not for you, simply click on the “My Account” link, then “Subscriptions”, then choose “Cancel”.

There’s no need for a customer support ticket or any complecation like that.

It doesn’t matter though. Once you see the value provided, you’ll never want to cancel!

What if I have questions about one of the training modules?

All of the training content is built around a community forum. If you have questions about anything, simply post in the forum!

How long do I have to subscribe before I get access to (insert name here) course?

There is no “drip” content here. You get access to all cources FROM DAY ONE!

How long before I start to make money?

Most people who take action see results within the first month. Of course, this is completly up to you and how hard you work. I can make no guarantees.