All Businesses Should be Creating Content of Some Kind.

Here’s The Key To Being The Best Content Creator You Can Be:

All Who Reach The Top Of Their Field Have An Exact Process They Follow To Get Great Results

Learning, Following And Mastering The Right Process Will Help You
Create Content That Keeps Your Audience Happily Coming Back For More

Hi, I'm Jason. I've been crafting the right content for businesses since 2008.

Creating Great Content Doesn’t Happen By Accident.
Creating Great Content Happens On Purpose.

The airline captain goes through a set of preflight checklists to ensure the safety of his passengers and crew.

The professional football player has his practice and pre-game routine to ensure he is healthy, motivated and mentally prepared for gameday.

The best content creators complete a tried-and-true set of steps to ensure they deliver genuinely helpful resources that their audience loves.

Knowing what to do, when to do it and how to do it makes the difference between “bland” and “grand” content. You see, just about anyone can create content.

But not just anyone can create outstanding content. That’s what “outstanding” means ... something that stands out. It's not ordinary; it’s extraordinary.

That’s the kind of content that you need to have a reputation for creating. 

Nobody wants to fly on a plane captained by a sub-par pilot, nobody wants to watch a mistake-prone football player, and nobody wants to waste time on content that isn’t very useful. That’s why you will need to follow a proven process to create everything from videos to blog posts to lead magnets to courses so your audience can’t wait to get their hands on more from you.

Here’s a resource that you can use over and over again for every piece of future free and paid content you create...

You’re Going To Need To Create A Lot Of Content For Your Business.

You’re Going To Want A Resource To Walk You Through The Right Process.

Introducing: The Content Creation Formula

95-Page PDF Available for Immediate Download

You will appreciate this no fluff, no filler set of information-rich worksheets that is fully loaded with a walk-you-through-it process that is certain to help you create content that generates real benefits for your audience and real profits for your business.

You’ll make REAL PROGRESS every time you use one of these worksheets (and you will use them over and over again!) to publish any piece of free or paid content. You’re going to need resources ranging from blog posts to webinar scripts to email sequences to paid courses ... and beyond.

These worksheets will help you create every single piece faster, easier and better than before.

Specifically, here are the eleven worksheets included in

The Content Creation Formula

  1. 1
    Deciding What Outcome To Focus On With Your Content
  2. 2
    Knowing What Your Audience Wants From Your Content
  3. 3
    Finding A Popular And Profitable Idea For Your Content
  4. 4
    Developing The Right Mix Of Talking Points For Your Content
  5. 5
    Researching To Find Out What Others Know About Your Content
  6. 6
    Outlining And Organizing All Of the Details In Your Content
  7. 7
    Crafting An Attention-Grabbing Title For Your Content
  8. 8
    Engaging With Your Target Audience Through Your Content
  9. 9
    Getting Recognized As An Authority Because Of Your Content
  10. 10
    Writing In Such A Way That Other People Love Your Content
  11. 11
    Adding Value So You Help Others With Your Content

The Content Creation Formula is a one-of-a-kind package of worksheets that will help you do everything from choosing an idea that is popular with your audience, outlining the content with talking points your audience wants to know, getting your audience to take a closer look at your content, preparing the content so your audience really does love and benefit from it, and getting your audience to put your content to work in ways that benefit them AND you.

It walks you through the essential 11 steps of the content creation process. So, this worksheet set is perfect for you if you are looking for a duplicatable process that you can follow over and over again to create premium, original content that “wows” your audience.

Each worksheet in the package is approximately 10 pages long with space for you to insert your responses so you can put them to work immediately and make real progress. No more getting stuck because you don’t know what to do next! These are also perfect for beginners and up, simple enough that newbies can use it, and helpful enough that seasoned pros can take things up a level.

As usual, it is prepared in the style I’m known for… making things simple.

Let Me Be Clear About What I Mean By “Worksheet”...

These are not simply 1- or 2-page worksheets with mostly questions and blank spaces with no real substance. Not. At. All.

These are robust worksheets loaded with insightful prompts, steps, tips, and examples so that it’s an equal mix of “training” and “tool.” There is a lot of “meat” in these worksheets! If you want to be on top of your content creation game and rise to the top of your field, then these rock-solid worksheets will help you hone the process so you can deliver first-rate resources to your audience.

With The Content Creation Formula, you’ll download a set of 11 content creation worksheets to develop your own “pre-flight, pre-game” routine (like the pilot and pro football player) for every stage so you can go from “not yet started” to “completely finished.” It doesn’t matter what niche you’re in (from gardening to guitar), what price point you’re attaching to your content (free, low-cost or premium), or what kind of content you need to create (emails, blog posts, videos, membership sites, courses and more)...

The Content Creation Formula will help you become a better content creator. That leaves just one thing left to answer...


This is the part where you’re about to be pleasantly surprised. It’s just $17.00. That’s right, for less than twenty bucks, you can download and dive into this 11-worksheet package (95-page PDF) that teaches you how create content that impresses your audience and improves your sales.


All you have to do to get started is order the content creation formula by clicking the button below now…

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P.S.: If you have already mastered the 11 steps mentioned above, then this workbook is NOT for you. But if you’re not yet a world class content creator, then put The Content Creation Formula to work and see what a difference it can make for you.

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