There are certain tools every online entrepreneur needs in order to be successful. Every year around this time is the best possible time to jump on these tools. The discounts offered can really make a difference in whether your business makes it or not.

All of these tools I use currently or have used in the past. I'm not recommending random tools and services here. I'm letting you know about deals you should pick up because your business needs them.

Let's get started.

Website Hosting

Just as the name would indicate, this is probably the cheapest place online to get a domain name and website hosting. 

Plot Twist: They also provide a great service with awesome live chat support.

I've tried many other hosts, but I always seem to come back to these guys. I doubt I'll ever leave again.

They have some great deals going on right now. If you're brand new to online business, I recommend you go ahead and pick up the Stellar Plus hosting service for under $20/yr. Now that's a seal!

WordPress Theme

Divi is the most popular WordPress themes for a reason.

It's easy.

They also have TONS of templates so you can quickly create a website for whatever niche you need. This makes building websites for clients an absolute breeze.

If it wasn't for this theme, my marketing business would have never gotten off the ground.

One of the most amazing things about this theme is once you buy it you can use it on UNLIMITED websites. That means you can take on as many website clients as you want and use this same theme over and over. And all the templates make it as easy all that pumpkin pie you'll be eating on Thanksgiving!

Their sale doesn't start until Friday, but you'll definitely want to keep an eye on it. They offer both a yearly subscription and a lifetime price. The normal prices are $89 and $249 respectively. I'm not sure what the Black Friday Deal will be quite yet, but I'm sure the lifetime price will be under $200. I was able to grab mine for $175 during a previous BF sale.

BONUS: Go visit the page right now and they are holding a giveaway including a MacBook Pro!

Email Marketing

One of the essential elements of any online business, there are a couple of good deals on tools that I trust.

GetResponse isn't just an email marketing platform anymore. They offer advanced marketing automations on top of a great webinar platform!

It's a great platform that is easy for beginners to understand.

I would recommend you go ahead and snag that Plus account so that you'll have access to the automations and webinars and lock in your 15% off. If you choose a lower plan and upgrade later, you will lose your discount.

FluentCRM is who I now use for email marketing. While GetResponse is a great option for beginners or anyone who needs webinars, I think everyone else should go with FluentCRM.

It is a self-hosted solution, which means it turns the back end of your WordPress website into an email marketing machine! It's every bit as powerful as GetResponse, but it's just slightly more complicated to install and set up.

Don't worry. There are plenty of tutorials!

The main advantage here is that it is CHEAP! Since you're only paying for the software and not the email delivery service, it is a much more affordable option without giving up any of the functionality! The Black Friday special is only $77/yr!

BONUS: If you are planning on taking on clients, you can buy a license to use it on up to 50 websites! Divi and FluentCRM is a great combination as the building blocks of a freelance web building business.


AppSumo is a marketplace where tools that usually charge a monthly fee go to offer lifetime deals at reasonable prices. Usually the reason for doing this is to quickly infuse a large sum of cash into their business so that they can use it in either marketing or developing to grow the main business, which is monthly subscribers.

This year's Black Friday special includes 20 great products. On top of that, if you spend $150, you'll get an additional 10% off your total purchase!

Here is a list of the tools I own and recommend.

DepositPhotos is a great place for stock photos and vector images. Ever wonder where I get all the pictures of great places that I use in my marketing? Well, here it is.

You didn't think I was a great photographer, did you?

$39 will get you 100 photos and vector files to use however you wish.

Don't miss this deal. I never do.

Holy moly... What does this tool NOT do?

I'll leave it up to you to read the sales page, but suffice it to say that if you're doing ANY kind of video, you'll need this tool!

You're gonna want to pick up the Business Plan on this one so you have access to the 200 video embeds!

If you want to grow your social presence using video, you'll want to grab this. It's like having a full production studio in your pocket.

It will provide a teleprompter of your script while recording your video, then allowing you to quickly edit it before uploading to the platform of your choice.

No need to waste your money with an upgraded account here. The basic singe plan will work just fine.


If you ever plan on offering online courses (and you probably should), you need this.

It's a great easy to use course platform that has made many great improvements since I first purchased.

It even includes a mobile app for Android and IOS. It's free if you want to just use the GuruCan branded app, but you can pay just a bit extra to have your own app!


This one's a no-brainer because... Well, it's free.

Artificial Intelligence

Yup. You heard that right. The time is now.

Writing blog posts is hard. Most people give up after the first few drafts. They stop trying because it seems so impossible to make any kind of dent.

That’s where ClosersCopy comes in. By using AI, ClosersCopy can read hundreds of posts and tell you what works and what doesn’t. Then, by analyzing hundreds of successful posts, It will show you the common threads that run through them all. This will give you the insight you need to make your blog posts more profitable.

And yes, that was written by CloserCopy's AI. It's an amazing tool. You can write a few sentences, click a button, and it will understand what you're trying to say and write your next few sentances for you. If you plan on writng YouTube scripts, blog posts, or sales copy, this tool is a MUST HAVE.

They are offering monthly subscriptions and a lifetime deal.

BONUS: The unlimited lifetime deal comes with 5 users! Get together with 4 of your friends, pitch in and share an account!

That's about it for now!

If I find any more great deals, I'll come back and update this post. Any questions, feel free to ask below!