A little over a week ago, I did a live Periscope (@jasonwyatt) about some Windows 8.1 discs that I found in a Liquidation store. They were restricted on Amazon, but I bought them anyway and put them on eBay.
Here are the numbers:
Sold for: $331.51
PayPal fees: $10.51
Ebay fees: $36.15
Shipping: $18.30
Initial investment: $21
Total Profit= $266.55
If you watched my live periscope, you’ll remember that I said I did my research and found them selling for $70 or so. But when I went to list them, what I didn’t find were a bunch available. Since few were available, I chose to try auctions. As you can tell by the selling price, they sold for a lot more! However, this came with the same ol’ eBay headaches. I had one customer try to return the software after opening it. As it turned out, he just didn’t know how to install it. I got him to call me and I walked him through installation over the phone. He canceled the refund request and gave me excellent feedback. The second disc went smoothly, but the third disc was a very slow payer. He did finally pay and I’m shipping it out today.
The reason I’m telling you this story is to try to explain to you why Amazon is so much better than eBay and also to explain why in some cases, it’s worth it.
When selling on eBay, you must have a place to store your inventory. When it sells, you must ship it quickly. This is very difficult for someone on the road. There is little to no room to keep and store inventory in an RV. When something sells, you have to make sure you are in an area with internet access and shipping capabilities. Depending on what kind of traveler you are, that may constrict your plans. Also with eBay, the customer service is up to you.
Amazon takes care of most, if not all of these problems. You only need to store your inventory for as long as it takes you to make a shipment to Amazon. Once they have it, no need to worry about shipping or customer service. They will take care of it all. You can be boondocking in Quartzite making money while doing absolutely nothing and holding no inventory and for the most part, not worrying about contact from your customers.
So under normal circumstances, I would never mess with eBay. In this case, the items were small, so storage wasn’t a problem. I did auctions, so I had a good idea when I’d be shipping. But the biggest reason I did it is THAT PROFIT! I found these and wanted to send them to Amazon, but it was a restricted product, probably due to bad sellers selling fake Windows discs as legitimate. So Amazon wasn’t an option. EBay was my only option and I felt that in this case, the profit was worth the trouble. It ended up getting me $266.55 to invest in Amazon inventory with very little trouble.
Well, that is if this last buyer doesn’t request a refund….