Very often I am asked what Chrome extensions I use to help with my online sourcing. I have rarely answered this question completely because, well, there’s a lot. That changes today. In this article I will give you the complete list with a short description of what each one does and how it helps me.

First of all, let’s talk about what OA is. Online Arbitrage (OA), is a technique where you find things for sale online that you can buy at a drastically reduced price to the extent that you can flip the item on Amazon for a profit. At first, you may think, “But I’m on the road! How can I receive these items and turn them around to send to Amazon?” That’s a common concern. It seems more difficult to manage mail forwarding and current locations. The fact is, it’s easier. It’s easier because I never have to touch my inventory at all. That’s right. I never see it. You see, I have most, if not all, of my OA purchases shipped to a prep center. A prep center is a place that will receive your inventory, prep it, then send it to Amazon for you. Yes, using a prep center cuts into my profit margin somewhat, but I am able to more than make up for it in the quantity that using a prep center allows me to process. Online arbitrage in conjunction with a prep center allows me complete freedom. Of course, if you can’t afford to let go of the extra margin to pay for the prep center, OA still makes your life easier. Usually, when you receive the items you can send them right back out in the same box you got them in. This makes a sub-24 hour turn around a breeze. Heck, you could receive, list, repack into the box, and drop off to UPS within a couple hours!

Now that I’ve covered why Online Arbitrage is a big part of my business, let’s discuss the tools that make it possible.

1- OAXRay– (monthly subscription)

OAXRay is the most important part of the puzzle. It automatically grinds through the data on whatever online retailer you are shopping to quickly find the profitable products. You enter your profit requirements, any discounts you have available to you, and other criteria you’d like to include, and OAXRay will quickly match the products displayed on the screen with products offered at Amazon. It then compares those results with the criteria you enter to give you a list of the final results.

I have been able to secure an extended trial period for Touring Freedom readers. You can use this link to get a full 10 day free trial to OAXRay, which is more than enough time to play with it and learn how to use it to maximize your profit.


2- Keepa (free)

Many of you already know how much I depend on Keepa, not just for OA, but for almost every purchasing decision I make. With this extension, all the Keepa information will automatically appear on every Amazon product page you visit. This way, you’re able to have all the pricing and sales rank history right in front of you without visiting an external site. Keepa makes money from affiliate links. I’m not sure how they are able to make any money from offering this service for free, but I’m glad they do! They are also constantly adding new features. One of the newest ones is a stock checker, allowing you to see how much stock your competition has in Amazon’s warehouse.

If you need to know more about how to read a Keepa chart, you can read my tutorial on Keepa, or you can join the Road to Freedom Membership Community where there is almost an hour and a half of video training on Keepa!

3- RevROI (one-time fee)

RevROI saves me LOADS of time. Any time I make a purchase, I try to use gift cards whenever I can. That’s because there are several websites where you can buy discounted gift cards. Those discounts increase my ROI. Christopher Grant, the creator, says RevROI will “rev up your ROI”, and it does just that. It not only tells me what site is offering the deepest discounted gift card for the retailer I am shopping, but it also tells me what service I need to use to get the most cash back rebates! Discount and rebate stacking is key to a successful OA business, and this extension immediately lets me know exactly how to maximize both of them.

4- Ebates (free)

Ebates is a definite must-have. It’s absolutely free and they give you money back on every purchase you make. You’ll have to set up an account with them including your PayPal account so they can pay you, but after that, it’s dead simple to use. Once the Ebates extension is installed, you will get an alert notifying you that there is cash back available for the site you are currently shopping. All you have to do is click the button that shows up and that’s it! At checkout, Ebates will also automatically apply all discount codes they know of for that site so you get the cheapest price in addition to the cash back!

5- BrickSeek (one-time fee)

BrickSeek is another handy tool to have in the arsenal. Many times, a deal that you find online may be out of stock, or you buy everything that is in stock. If you still want to buy it, you must start hunting at brick and mortar stores. That’s where BrickSeek comes in. While you’re on the product page of the item you want from the store you want to purchase, simply click the BrickSeek button that is now in your Chrome toolbar. It will automatically search the local stores in your area, tell you the stock levels and the likelihood that they are honoring the discount you are seeing online.

This extension is especially helpful to those on the road. You have to know the zip code you are currently in, but as long as you do you’ll receive a lot of data. It will find all the stores within driving range of your location, give you the address, the distance from you, and the quantity of the item in stock. Sometimes this method is actually an easier way to find stores in your area than the site’s own store locator! Using the extension this way is an easy way to make a sourcing route for your current location.

6- RevSeller (annual subscription)

RevSeller is a BIG help to me with clothing and shoes. I not only use it when I’m sourcing for the tons of data it gives, but I also use it when I’m listing as an easy way to find the variation I need.

RevSeller starts off on the product page by showing you a ton of data right off the start. On the product page, it will give you the rank, percentage of rank, and a 90 day average price and rank. It also comes up with an on-screen calculator that you can manipulate at will with price data. As you make your changes, it automatically calculates net profit live.  Ain’t that handy? Well, as if that isn’t enough, it also connects directly to your seller account and notifies you if you are qualified to sell the particular item. No more buying restricted products!

Now for my favorite part of RevSeller…  In the above picture, do you see that green button at the bottom that says variation checker? Well, if you click that, you get the graphic below. This screen will tell you how many variations are in stock, how many are out of stock, and what quantities are available of each variation. It’s easy to sort the results by the different aspects of the variations. You can even see how many reviews there are of each variation, which is a decent indicator of which variations are most popular.

I’m not sure if this was an intended usage of the extension, but one of the ways I use this screen is for listing. Anyone who has tried to list items with tons of variations, like clothing and shoes, knows what a pain it is to find the variation needed in Seller Central or really any other listing tool. I solve that easily with RevSeller. I simply use the filters at the top to find the variation I need, grab the specific ASIN on the right, and copy and paste it into Inventory Lab to list it into my inventory! If you’ve ever attempted that through Seller Central, you understand what kind of time saver that is.

7- Jungle Scout (one-time fee)

Jungle Scout comes in two different flavors. A web app and a Chrome extension. The web app is a monthly fee, but the Chrome extension is a one-time fee. The web app is mainly geared toward private label, but I have found that the Chrome extension is really handy in researching wholesale buys. All you do is enter a keyword search term in Amazon and hit the Jungle Scout button in your Chrome toolbar. This is like a little spy window into what would be your competition. It gives you an idea of how many monthly sales there are for that keyword, the average price, and average number of reviews. This is great information to have in order to help you know if you will be able to compete in your newly found market.

8- Storefront Stalker (one-time fee)

I’ve saved the “worst” for last. This extension is just plain evil. It does exactly what the name would imply. You find someone who keeps on lowering the price on one of your profitable products? Teach them who’s boss with Storefront Stalker. Simply click on their seller name, then on the next page below their name will be a link to their storefront. Once on their storefront, you simply click the Storefront Stalker button on your toolbar and click “All ASIN from this Seller/Page”. You will be able to select what type of file you want your information in. One of the choices is OAXRay. Select OAXRay and you will automatically download a file that is suitable for upload into OAXRay. Once you upload that file and wait for it to process, OAXRay will tell you exactly where you can get each one of those items you found in that person’s storefront. Evil, maybe. Profitable, definitely! This may not sound like something you want to do, but I can guarantee you that other sellers are doing it to you!

That’s not even where it stops. The new version of Storefront Stalker doesn’t just do storefronts. You can run this search on almost any Amazon page and find profitable product via OAXRay!


Keep in mind, I’m not telling you that you need all these tools. These are simply the tools I find profitable. Make sure any purchase you make fits within your business model. If it doesn’t, it’s costing you money and not making you money. You should never purchase a tool unless it will make you more money than it costs you. I hope I’ve given enough information on each extension so that you’ll know whether or not it will fit into your business before you make the purchase. If you need to ask any questions before you purchase, feel free to do it in the comments below!