There’s only a couple more weeks left until Christmas, so while we are all paying attention to our eCommerce stores watching the fourth quarter money roll in, let’s not forget that there are people who we need to be buying for, too! I thought I’d put together a collection of gift ideas specifically for the RV’er. You can use this in two different ways. You can use it to get ideas for gifts to give your RV’ing friends and family, or you can share it on social media as a HINT to your friends and family! But if we are all being honest here, this is mostly just my wishlist. (hint, hint)

1- Flame Genie

This little gem is a godsend to those of us who still like to camp and enjoy the outdoors. Back in the day when all we did was “camp”, every campsite we were at had it’s own firepit. We still try to find those types of places as much as possible, but many times those fancy RV resorts are just unavoidable. Those places don’t have firepits and they usually don’t allow any type of fire on the ground. We finally bit the bullet and bought a firepit to carry with us, but I regret that purchase now that I’ve seen the Flame Genie in action.


This firepit is the best thing I’ve seen. It has two combustion chambers so that it recirculates the fire exhaust and actually burns it again! So first the wood burns, then the smoke burns. The result is a hotter fire with no smoke! I was amazed at how comfortable it was to sit around this firepit. That’s why it’s at the top of my list.

The pit can accept small twigs and pieces of wood with very little smoke, or you can use wood pellets with no noticeable smoke at all! You can find a 40lb bag of these pellets locally for well under $10 to avoid paying for shipping. Although I’ve never personally cleaned one out, I’m reliably told that the second combustion chamber provides for such a hot burn that quite a bit of the ash is burnt as well, leaving very little to clean out.

If you can’t tell, I”m very impressed with this thing. It produces the prettiest, warmest flames I’ve ever seen.

2- Garmin RV 760LMT Portable GPS Navigator

If you’re driving or towing an RV around the country, you need more than just your average everyday GPS. If you try to use a simple navigating GPS, you’ll end up in trouble. This GPS packs tons of features specially made for the RV driver. You can input your length, height, and weight and it will avoid tight turns, low clearances, and weight restricted bridges. It also has points of interests programmed into it that RVers need. You can search nearby campgrounds by amenities (wifi, pet friendly, etc), find the next truck stop on your route, or even find a nearby tow or repair shop.


The features don’t stop there. This GPS is packed with safety features like warning you of an upcoming sharp curve or high winds. It even doubles as a screen for this back up camera! I really think the only way this unit could get any better is if it was also compatible with a TPMS.

3-  Coleman Road Trip Propane Portable Grill

I already have one of these and I love it. It’s a great gift for any RVer who doesn’t have  an outdoor kitchen. Of course it’s portable, easy to light, and stores well in RV storage compartments, but those features are available on many different outdoor grills. There are two things that make this grill a must-have in my book.


First, and most importantly, the burners on this grill are designed correctly. It seems too many times grill manufacturers will just throw in a burner and say, “There. It has fire. Good enough.” That’s so untrue, though. This grill has large burners that distribute the heat evenly to avoid hotspots. No more moving your steaks around to different portions of the grill in hopes they all cook at the same rate.

Second, the grilling surface is a thing of beauty. There’s no flimsy metal grate. This thing comes with cast iron cooking surface, giving me the confidence that it will last forever. If a cast iron grill makes you concerned about upkeep, worry no more! These grates are covered by a layer of nonstick porcelain  coating. No more worrying about the grill rusting out, and it’s a breeze to clean!

4- Miniature Waffle Maker

Many waffle lovers had to give up homemade waffles when they moved into the RV because traditional “plate sized” waffle makers are just too big and clunky to store in an RV. Never fear! This is a great little waffle maker and it’s only six inches in diameter!


Just make sure you plug it in to an electrical outlet that is on a different breaker than the coffee maker!

5- So, You Want to be an RVer?

Many of you are already familiar with John and Kathy Huggins from Living the RV Dream. Until medical problems recently took them off the road, they spent the last 11 years traveling in their RV full time. All of that knowledge and experience has found its way into this book.


While the title of this book may lead you to believe that it’s solely for the “wannabe” RVer, that’s not the case. This book is full of tips, tricks, and technical info that every RV enthusiast needs. Full of pictures, charts, and diagrams this book simply makes the RV life simpler.

6- Drone with Camera

How else would you expect to get those awesome bird’s eye views of all the beautiful places you visit in your RV? A camera drone is a must-have.


This drone is very inexpensive for the features it offers. It has a 720p camera for high definition images and video. It includes a memory card slot so that you can use a micro SD card to store the images the drone captures and easily transfer them to your computer. Since drones have to be so lightweight, it’s a struggle to get enough battery life packed into a small package. This drone helps you with that by including two batteries so you can be charging one while using the other.

7- Induction Cooktop

Safe with low energy consumption, an induction cooktop is a perfect fit for an RV.


Induction cooktops use magnetism to cook, so the cooktop itself never actually heats up. Unlike conventional hotplates, it uses very little electricity. You don’t even have to worry about open flames like you do when using a propane stove. This particular model can be used on the countertop and easily stored when not in use, or you can remove your old propane stove and install it directly into the counter.

8- Instant Pot

This is an item that no RV should be without. It’s one of those things that once you get one, you don’t even know how you got by without it.


Of course, you can use it as a slow cooker, but why? That roast that normally takes 8 hours in a slow cooker can be made in an hour using the pressure setting! We use ours 3 to 4 times per week. It has saved us a ton of money by providing a quick way to get good meals so we don’t have to go out to eat.

9- 90 Degree, One Handed Broom

This little invention is ingenious. Once you see the video below, you’ll want one, too!


10- Copper Frying Pan

These pans are great. They are durable and comparatively lightweight. If you’re gonna be using the above induction cooktop, you can’t use standard aluminum pans. Your pan has to be ferrous, or susceptible to magnets. This pan is a great option, especially with the easy to clean smooth surface.


There are a lot of other products that I love for my RV, but I’ll keep this list to ten products. If you find any of these items interesting, I would appreciate you using my links to purchase (by clicking the titles or the pictures of each item). It will buy me a cup of coffee while not costing you anything extra.