If there is anything I’ve learned from this book business challenge, it is not to start during Q4.
Not only am I taking up a bunch of time that should be spent working my normal retail Amazon biz during the busy season, but I’m also dealing with closed thrift stores and a lack of library book sales. Lesson learned.
That’s ok, though. I think I’ve done a decent job proving my point on this subject, and I plan on continuing to do so. As you read through my stats, I ask you keep a few things in mind:
  1. I’m doing this part time– My main focus still remains my regular Amazon business I have already running. I am doing this challenge in my “free time” to prove to YOU that it can be done in YOUR free time. The time I spend doing this is limited to one full day and maybe a couple of singular hours during the week. This is the closest I can come to simulating someone who has a full-time job and can only source on Saturdays and a couple days through the week after work.
  2. This “side business” was built with minimal investment.– One of the things I am attempting to prove with this challenge is that anyone can start an Amazon FBA business, no matter how much money they have to invest.
  3. The inventory compounds– I only sold 27% of my inventory this month. That means that 73% still remains for next month. This means if I’m able to source the EXACT same amount this month, and sell the EXACT same percentage of my inventory, my sold books would move from 30 sold in January to 52. This is the compounding effect that will allow this business will grow.
The book section of thrift shops is not always what you’d hope it would be.
Photograph taken at a Salvation Army.
So let’s dig into the numbers from January:

Books Listed 112
Books Sold 30
Avg Sales Rank 399,417
Total Sales $710.59
Inventory Cost $194.43
Amazon’s Fees $274.91
Profit $153.29
“Even though I only sold 27% of my inventory, profit margins in books are so high that I was actually able to turn a profit in my first month!”
Now, I am fully aware that $153.29 profit is not a “bragable” amount. Heck, that’s not even counting the $44/ month subscription to SoutIQ or the $29/ month subscription to Accelerlist. That’s not the point of this blog post. The point is the POSSIBILITY.

So let’s just assume I’m able to match the same numbers I got in January for the month of February.

If I’m able to source another 112 books, that will make a total of 194 books in inventory.

If I’m able to sell the same 27%, that will be 52 books sold for the month.

If the books sold average the same $23.69 sales price, that will be $1,231.88 sold.

If the Amazon fees average the same $9.16 per book, that will be $476.32 in fees for the month.

If all of this holds true, my profit will be $755.56 for the month of February.

Library book sales are a great place to source books.
Photograph at a library book sale in the back garage of a library.
All of this profit will compoud upon itself, considering the amount sold will be well less than half at any given time. If I continue sending in the same amount every month, the amount sold will continue to increase because the amount in inventory is increasing.

Going from $153.29 profit in January to $755.56 in February is the kind of massive jumps we would expect to see at the begining of this business startup. When you’re starting at zero, those percentages look big.

Several months in, when I have several hundred books in stock, that 100 or so books I send in won’t look so big and won’t increase my revenue by such a percentage.

Even still, you can see how this business model can grow into the 4-figure per month range rather quickly. That is a significant income boost for most people.

If you’re buying enough books from the library, sometimes they feel sorry for you and provide you a cart!
Now remember, if you want to join in this book business challenge, you can always join right in. To do so, you’re gonna need ScoutIQ to be able to source the books, Accelerlist to list them quickly and the tracking spreadsheet to keep track of business finances.

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