In this lesson, you will be creating one of the most important assets you will have as an online business owner. Your lead magnet offer is an irresistible offer that you will give away to prospects in exchange for their contact information. This will allow you to collect a database of leads in your autoresponder account that you can mail your offers and promotions to.

By the time you finish this module, you will have your free lead magnet created and ready to give away to prospects.

Elements of a good free lead magnet offer:

  1. Irresistible. People should look at your free lead magnet offer and just have to know what’s inside.
  2. Specific. Your free lead magnet offer should be specific and solve one problem for your potential customer.
  3. Easily consumed. For your free lead magnet offer, you don’t want a 300-page e-book or a two-hour-long video course. You want something like a short PDF, action guide, cheat sheet or short video that can be consumed in 10 to 20 minutes tops.
  4. Leads your prospects to your products and services. Your free lead magnet should educate and inspire your prospects to take the next step and purchase your products and offers.
  5. Delivers an end result. The prospects downloading your free lead magnet should get valuable information out of it that they can implement and get results.

Types of free lead magnets

Action guide

An action guide is often a short PDF anywhere from 3 to 10 pages that give actionable advice on achieving a very specific end result. For example, a personal trainer might give away an action guide on the top three ways to keep your metabolism burning fat all day long.


A cheat sheet can be as short as one page or slightly longer. The idea with a cheat sheet is to give a series of steps that make a complex or difficult process easy to follow in a concise format.

For example, an “8 step cheat sheet to writing the perfect blog post.”


A free lead magnet video is almost like a cheat sheet or action guide in video format. It is typically a 5 to 15-minute long video that walks somebody through a specific process to get a specific result.

The same examples used in the prior two types of lead magnet could easily be recorded as a video as well. If the niche audience you are targeting typically likes to consume more visual content you may consider doing video instead.


Once you have prepared your free lead magnet it is time to export it in its final format. For cheat sheets and action guides it’s often best to export as a PDF file. For video lead magnet you can export them as a .mp4 file.

Once exported you will need to host them online. For PDF’s you can host them right on your WordPress website. To do so first login to your WordPress Dashboard. Next click on Media → Add New.

Next click select files to browse your computer and upload the PDF file. After uploading click edit on the file and copy the file URL. This will give you the link to your PDF that you can send to your new subscribers in a later step.

If your free lead magnet is a video then you will want to use a 3rd party hosting platform like YouTube or Vimeo. A free option is to use YouTube and upload your video as “unlisted” so it doesn’t show in YouTube Search results since you want people to subscribe to access the video.

Once you have uploaded your video you will need the embed code to later embed that on your thank you page.

So by now, you should have your Free Giveaway created and the information you need to send it out to new subscribers.