You have made it to the final day! In today’s lesson, you will be setting up your back-end funnel. By the time you finish this lesson, you should have your back-end funnel mapped out and ready for customers.

Have you ever heard “The money is made on the back-end?”

While that may not always be the case there is certainly MORE money to be made on the back-end. Your back-end funnel should consist of one or more offers that you promote after your core offer. This will allow you to maximize your lifetime customer value and earn more.

What to add to your back-end funnel

Your back-end offers should fall into one of two categories:

  1. Help the customers at a deeper level than is provided in your core offer.
  2. Offer something related but different.

As an example if your core offer is a video course teaching photographers how to shoot the perfect wedding photographs then a back-end offer could be a 6 week 1 on 1 coaching package. The 1 on 1 coaching package would allow you to work with them at a deeper level and better answer their questions.

Something related but different might be a course on how to edit photos in Photoshop.

Plan out one or a few offers that you will put in your back-end funnel. You can then set up a sales engine for the back-end and an email campaign just like you did your core offer.